Oral Clean Story

"How can we help challenged people
to enjoy ordinary life?"

Brushing teeth, 3 times a day, isn’t easy and simple daily
routine for everyone. For challenged people and caregivers,
it could be unpleasant moment. Our motivation to develop
‘Oral Clean’ was simple. “Why can’t challenged people enjoy
ordinary life that they deserve?”

World Premiere!
Handy Type Electric Suction-Toothbrush

Oral Clean G100

Oral Clean G100 is an oral care device which provides hygienic
oral management solutions for disabled, patients, children,
and seniors with water suction and sonic vibration functions.

Main Feature

Water Suction

Oral Clean extracts the gargled water, inside the
through inlets on the brush head.

By releasing extracted gargled water into a connected
foldable bottle,
it provides comfortable brushing
environments to people experiencing difficulties in
self-spitting or control of body movements.

Sonic Vibration

Oral Clean generates 14,000 sonic strokes per minute,
and refreshes the mouth without hurting gums.
Sonic vibration enables the user to clear the plaque
and other leftovers where brush head can’t reach.


Oral Clean G100

Water Suction, Sonic Vibration, LED Light

By adding sonic vibration to the suction function,
dental care became much convenient.